Revapi File-based Reporter Base

Base class for file-based reporters defining some common behavior so that it doesn't have to be reimplemented all the time.

This module contains an abstract implementation of a file-based reporter defining some common behavior and logic the concrete reporters can take advantage of.


Depend on this module and inherit your concrete reporter implementation from the org.revapi.reporter.file.AbstractFileReporter.


In your class, provide the implementation for the abstract methods and follow the javadocs. This module also contains the JSON schema that corresponds to the configuration properties supported by this base implementation. There is no way of reusing that currently so you need to copy it and enhance it in your reporter module.

Sample Configuration

    "extension": >>>YOUR EXTENSION<<<,
    "configuration": {
      "minSeverity": "POTENTIALLY_BREAKING",
      "output" : "out",
      "append": false


These are the configuration properties supported by this base implementation.


The minimum severity of problems that will be included in the output. If not specified, defaults to POTENTIALLY_BREAKING. Possible values are NON_BREAKING, POTENTIALLY_BREAKING and BREAKING.


The path to the output file. Two special values are recongized: out (which is the default value of this property) and err which represent standard output or standard error output respectively.


Whether to append to the chosen output or whether to overwrite it (doesn’t make sense for standard (error) output). The default value is false meaning the output file will be overwritten if it already exists.

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