Full-featured API checker for Java and beyond.

After a couple of silent weeks I’ve finally managed to release new versions of the Revapi components. There are exactly 2 fixes, one new feature and many improvements to the site.


  • The analysis doesn’t break on archives that contain member classes anymore (i.e. classes defined inside the methods).

  • The Ant task now assumes Ant being provided by the runtime as it should.

New Features

It is now possible for the Java checks to be configured (none of the present java checks requires a configuration but that may change in the future).

Many thanks go out to Martin Montperrus and Christian Dietrich for updates to the site and to twogee github user for the fix of the ant task.


I’ve been working on the element matching issue which should greatly improve the ability to define what constitutes an API by being able to define advanced filters using "literate DSL" like: is not in package /.*\.impl/ or is annotated by '@my.annos.Public' which would only consider classes that are not in a package ending in ".impl" or which are annotated by "@my.annos.Public" annotation.

Even though I think the above is a great and much needed improvement, Revapi still has many other areas to improve in. Your help of any kind is greatly appreciated.

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