Class WarJarExtractor

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    public class WarJarExtractor
    extends Object
    If the provided archive is a ZIP file (which also means a JAR file) and it contains entries in the WEB-INF/classes directory then only those entries are considered for API analysis.

    Can be configured using include and exclude lists of regexes on archive names so that user can switch this extractor off if need be.

    Extension ID: war

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      • WarJarExtractor

        public WarJarExtractor()
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      • extract

        public Optional<InputStream> extract​(org.revapi.Archive archive)
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        extract in interface
      • getExtensionId

        public String getExtensionId()
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        getExtensionId in interface org.revapi.configuration.Configurable
      • getJSONSchema

        public Reader getJSONSchema()
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        getJSONSchema in interface org.revapi.configuration.Configurable
      • initialize

        public void initialize​(@Nonnull
                               org.revapi.AnalysisContext analysisContext)
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        initialize in interface org.revapi.configuration.Configurable