New Releases

There comes another set of releases containing important bug fixes and new features.

The new feature introduced in the last Revapi API 0.11.0 - transformation blocks contained a bug that caused problems to be reported several times. This now fixed through #152.

A long standing issue with overloaded methods resolution where the report picked a correct yet unintuitive pairs of old and new methods for problem reporting has been improved and should resolve the methods in a more natural way (#123).

Finally, the version-modifying goals of the revapi-maven-plugin (e.g. update-versions) would fail if there was no prior version of the artifact. Now the goal should just leave the version be and do nothing as expected (#146).

There is an outstanding issue where the maven plugin seems to ignore the skip parameter and performs the analysis even if it is configured to not do so (#146). While I was not able to reproduce it myself yet, I would encourage anyone who has to contribute their findings to the bug.

Thanks go out to Dustin Singleton for finding the issue with transformation blocks, Steve Gutz for identifying the problems with method overloads and Hannes Brandstätter-Müller for finding the issue with update-versions.