Release Notes

At last, a new set of releases is here.

This batch brings along another set of fixes caused by the major API overhaul that enabled more precise element matching.

First of all, the revapi.ignore and revapi.reclassify will no longer output an unnecessary warning when not active.

The jackson-based API analyzers have improved the matching of the elements based on their names.

The java analyzer is more clever about looking up types by their binary names and therefore ever so slightly faster.

The JSON reporter includes the criticality and justification in its report.

The version upgrading maven plugin goals (update-versions and update-release-properties) have been made more usable (and more importantly idempotent so that repeated application of the goal on the same project doesn’t increase the version ad infinitum).

The way the results of difference analyzers are combined as been fixed such that certain false positives no longer happen.

In addition to the java matcher, there is a new simpler and faster java-package matcher to match java types simply by their package names - useful for situations where you want to exclude impl packages for example (Matching and Filtering Java Elements).

The Maven plugin can now be configured to consider listed dependencies as part of the "primary API".

There is a new Versions Transformation, which deprecates the Version-based Ignore Transformation. It is more capable and not limited to handling just a single archive in the API.

Last but not least, there have been numerous fixes to the build and release scripts so that situations like doesn’t happen again in the future.

Grab the updates from your nearby artifact registry or take a look at Downloads.