New Releases

The new releases of all components take advantage from the new features added to the core Revapi API.

It is now possible to group transformations into blocks that act as a single transformation. This makes some interesting "transformation flows" possible while it also can avoid some "transformation ping-pong" where two transformations would transform a single difference back-and-forth resulting in analysis failure. For more details, see the docs.

The revapi-java extension now uses a new extension point using which one can teach it to locate significant classes in non-standard packaging of archives. Check out the docs.

All the Revapi components were upgraded to be able to take advantage of these new features. Check out the downloads section for the latest released versions.

Thanks go out to Jeff Maxwell for reporting the problem with transformations that eventually led to the introduction of the transformation blocks and to Ullrich Hafner for sparking up the idea that lead to JarExtractor.