Interface JavaModelElement

    • Method Detail

      • getModelRepresentation

        TypeMirror getModelRepresentation()
        Note that this is distinctly different from getDeclaringElement(). This method returns a type mirror describing an element on its position in the type hierarchy. I.e. if an inherited method with type parameters resolved according to the class it is inherited "to".
        the representation of this java element at its position in the type hierarchy
      • getDeclaringElement

        Element getDeclaringElement()
        For an inherited method for example, this will return the element in the super type that declares this method.
        The element that represents the declaration this model element.
      • isInherited

        boolean isInherited()
        Each JavaTypeElement contains as its children not only the elements that are declared on the type but also elements that it inherits from its super types (with type parameters "instantiated" according to the actual type).

        This flag indicates if this is a child of type that is directly declared on it (false) or if it is an instantiation of an inherited element (true).

        false if the parent type declares this child element, true if it is inherited from a super type
      • getParentType

        default JavaTypeElement getParentType()
        the closest parent that is a java type element.