Package org.revapi

Interface ArchiveAnalyzer<E extends Element<E>>

    • Method Detail

      • getApi

        API getApi()
        the API that this analyzer analyzes
      • analyze

        ElementForest<E> analyze​(TreeFilter<E> filter)
        Analyzes the API archives and filters the forest using the provided filter.

        This produces a preliminary forest which can be too "wide" because of Ternary.UNDECIDED elements or non-local relationships between elements. Once this method returns the preliminary forest, the callers should also call the prune(ElementForest) method to obtain a forest that is truly minimal.

        filter - the filter to use to filter out unwanted elements from the forest
        the preliminary element forest that should be pruned before analysis
      • prune

        void prune​(ElementForest<E> forest)
        Once all the filtering on the element forest is done, the analyzer is allowed one final "pass" through the forest to remove any elements that should not be there any longer.
        forest - the forest to prune