Package org.revapi

Class FilterFinishResult

    • Method Detail

      • defaultResult

        public static FilterFinishResult defaultResult()
        Similar to FilterStartResult.defaultResult(), this returns a finish result that is undecided about the match and is marked as inherited. This means that if there are any other results that need to be combined with this one, those results will take precedence.
      • doesntMatch

        public static FilterFinishResult doesntMatch()
        produces a result signifying that the filter didn't match.
      • matches

        public static FilterFinishResult matches()
        produces a result signifying that the filter matched.
      • direct

        public static FilterFinishResult direct​(Ternary match)
        The return filter finish result will have the result of the match and will not be inherited, meaning that it was intended directly for the elements the filter was processed upon.
        match - the result of the filter
        the filter finish result
      • inherit

        public static FilterFinishResult inherit​(FilterFinishResult parent)
        Produces a filter finish result that indicates it was inherited from the provided result.
        parent - the result to inherit from
        an inherited filter finish result
      • from

        public static FilterFinishResult from​(Ternary match,
                                              boolean inherited)
        A factory method for filter finish results.
        match - the result of the filtering
        inherited - whether the finish result is inherited or explicit
        the filter finish result
      • from

        public static FilterFinishResult from​(FilterStartResult startResult)
        Converts the provided start result into a finish result.
        startResult - the start result to convert
        the converted finish result
      • getMatch

        public Ternary getMatch()
        The result of the test
      • isInherited

        public boolean isInherited()
        Tells whether the result is implicitly inherited from some parent element or if it was explicitly evaluated on some element.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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