New Check and 2 Fixes

I fixed 3 issues for which there are releases of the following components:

  • revapi-basic-features-0.7.1 that contains a fix for #119 which means that the semver transform should no longer crash when there is no prior version of artifacts

  • revapi-java-spi-0.15.1 that includes the definition of the new serialVersionUIDChanged check (prompted by #120)

  • revapi-java-0.16.0 that contains the implementation of serialVersionUIDChanged and additionally contains an important fix that could cause problems be reported on wrong elements in some cases.

  • revapi-maven-plugin-0.10.1 that bundles the latest revapi-basic-features version

You are urged to upgrade especially to revapi-java-0.16.0 to avoid some head scratching when examining the Revapi reports.

Thanks go out to Ricardo Ferreira for reporting #120 and Matthew Kavanagh for his analysis of #119.