Regression Fixes

After the last week’s new releases a regression has been discovered which warranted a quick new release.

So without further ado, here’s what’s new:

The new version of revapi-java, 0.17.1, fixes a regression caused by the speed ups from 0.17.0 where methods and fields inherited from super classes from other archives can pop up in the found problems even if the inheriting classes were filtered out.

Additionally, revapi-java-0.17.1 add the oldArchive and newArchive attachments to the found differences. This enables users to filter the found differences by the archive they’re originating from. People can use that to set up filtering of problems coming from other modules of a multi-module build similarly to what is described in this comment.

There is also a new release of the maven plugin, revapi-maven-plugin-0.10.3 that fixes a long standing bug in the goals that modify the versions in pom.xml. These goals would malfunction when the revapi.semver.ignore extension was enabled.