New Releases

There’s actually been a couple of releases of all Revapi components since the last time about which I failed to get the news out. Life sometimes intervenes :)

In this release the rendering of Java elements was generally improved, especially in the case of elements with type parameters. This may cause your existing revapi.ignore recipes to stop working. Please update the ignore recipes with the new way Revapi represents the Java elements textually.

The following issues were fixed in the latest set of Revapi components:

  • #135 - improvements in the update-versions goal of the maven plugin

  • #179 - singleVersionForAllModules parameter of update-version goal is now properly honored. Thanks go out to Matthew Kavanagh for the fix!

  • #180 - an NPE in ancient code in revapi.ignore

  • #181 - methods from java.lang.Object are now considered present also on interfaces and annotation types because every instance of those types is going to have those methods. This gets rid of reports of these methods added/removed when an interface becomes a class or vice versa.

Based on the input from Vincent Massol in #182 there’s been a couple of improvements made to the maven plugin:

  • convert-config-to-xml maven goal should now properly escape special characters

  • check maven goal now has ignoreSuggestionsFormat property. Use this property to make the maven plugin print out the suggestions for ignoring the found problems in either JSON (by setting it to json, which is the default) or in XML (by setting it to xml).

Additionally, there is now a new JSON reporter that you can use in pipelines for easier further processing.

Last but not least, you can now sponsor the further maintenance and development of Revapi using its Open Collective page or by clicking the sponsor button on the github repo.

Go to the downloads page to check out the latest versions of the various Revapi components.