Interface Configurable

    • Method Detail

      • getExtensionId

        String getExtensionId()
        The identifier of this configurable extension in the configuration file. This should be globally unique, but human readable, so a package name or something similar would be a good candidate. Core revapi extensions have the extension ids always starting with "revapi.".
        the unique identifier of this configurable extension
      • getJSONSchema

        Reader getJSONSchema()
        This method must not return null if getExtensionId() returns a non-null value.
        a json schema to validate the configuration of this configurable against
      • initialize

        void initialize​(@Nonnull
                        AnalysisContext analysisContext)
        The instance can configure itself for the upcoming analysis from the supplied analysis context.

        The configuration contained in the supplied analysis context is solely the one provided for this configurable instance and conforms to its schema. Note that this method can be called multiple times, each time for a different analysis run.

        analysisContext - the context of the upcoming analysis