Class SimpleDifferenceTransform<T extends Element<T>>

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      • SimpleDifferenceTransform

        public SimpleDifferenceTransform()
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      • transform

        public Difference transform​(@Nullable
                                    T oldElement,
                                    T newElement,
                                    Difference difference)
        Description copied from interface: DifferenceTransform
        Returns a transformed version of the difference. If this method returns null, the difference is discarded and not reported. Therefore, if you don't want to transform a difference, just return it.

        The code of the supplied difference will match at least one of the regexes returned from the DifferenceTransform.getDifferenceCodePatterns() method.

        Specified by:
        transform in interface DifferenceTransform<T extends Element<T>>
        oldElement - the old differing element
        newElement - the new differing element
        difference - the difference description
        the transformed difference or the passed in difference if no transformation necessary or null if the difference should be discarded