Speedup and fixes

The time has come to issue another set of releases.

In the core revapi-0.10.1 you will find a long standing bug (#111) fixed that caused revapi throwing weird exceptions after the analysis when run on Java9+.

revapi-java-0.18.0 improves on reporting of classes from dependencies that are added to or removed from the API. It also will no longer report default serialization problems on interfaces (d’oh). Further it will no longer be confused if a super type of some class in the API is missing from analysis and will no longer report methods from java.lang.Object as removed on such classes.

revapi-maven-plugin-0.10.4 changes the way it reports errors on the maven console. The error reported at the end of maven output will no longer contain the JSON for ignoring the changes. Instead, the JSON is only printed out in the plugin output at sooner point in time (i.e. you need to scroll up a bit to see the JSON ;) ). As an added benefit of this change, the JSON is now directly copy&pasteable. Additionally the new outputIgnoreSuggestions configuration parameter can be used to completely turn off the output of the JSON configuration hint.

All other components have been re-released to depend on the latest revapi-0.10.1 so that they work reliably on Java9+. Consult downloads for the latest released versions of all the components.

Thanks go out to Jesper B. Kjaer for suggesting the change of the Maven plugin output and to Marc Philipp for reporting the issues with Java9.