Jackson Analyzer Base

The Jackson analyzer is meant as a base for writing API analyzers that can take advantage of the Jackson library for parsing files.

Take a look at JSON Analyzer or YAML Analyzer.

The analyzer supports either directly interpreting the provided archives as JSON/YAML/…​ files or it can scan for the files within a zipped archive (e.g. in jar files, etc.).


Even though the Jackson analyzer is abstract and doesn’t do anything in and of itself, it defines certain configuration properties that configure its behavior. The inheriting extensions of course are free to add their own and/or to modify the existing ones.


The character set of the files. Defaults to UTF-8.


If the archive that is being scanned is a ZIP archive, this regular expression can pick what files will be considered for the analysis. By default, it is empty with the consequence of ignoring any files in the ZIP archives and only performing the analysis on the Revapi archives that can directly be interpreted as textual files.

Detected Differences

Because Jackson considers all files to have structure equivalent to that of JSON, there is not much that can be detected in this base analyzer. The analyzer can only detect additions, removals and changes of individual "nodes". The subclasses are required to provide the Revapi codes for those though.