Revapi is a mavenized project so to download it and build it you merely need to call

git clone
cd revapi
mvn install

Building the site

./etc/release/ <list-of-modules>

This will build the site for all the modules specified + also for the modules that are dependent on the specified ones. The site will be pushed into a staging branch of the site repository.

To make the site public, you additionally need to:

cd revapi-site-assembly/build/site
git checkout master
git pull origin staging
git push


There is a release script that automatically releases all dependent modules along with the modules specified.

./etc/release/ <list-of-modules>

where <list-of-modules> is a space-separated list of the names of the module directories.

This will deploy all the modules that were either specified on the command line or that are dependent on the specified modules to Maven Central staging repository.

To finish the release, do the following:

  1. Go to, log in and check that the artifacts are ready to be published.

  2. Release the artifacts from

  3. Many of the modules contain parts of the site specific to them. These are published as part of the release process automatically. To make the staged site changes public: