Release Notes

During the discussion in it has come to light that Revapi doesn’t behave well when there are some classes missing from the classpath (in that particular case, transitive provided dependencies) and Revapi is configured to filter out these classes.

The new versions of the modules collectively fix the issue. revapi-java-0.24.2 fixes the filtering of missing classes and revapi-basic-features-0.12.2 doesn’t choke on classes without an archive (which missing classes are).

revapi-maven-plugin-0.14.3 includes the new fixed basic features.

Thanks go out to Piotrek Żygieło for fixing wording in the warnings in file-based reportersi (revapi-reporter-file-base-0.4.2, revapi-reporter-json-0.4.2 and revapi-reporter-text-0.14.2) and in Revapi CLI (revapi-standalone-0.11.2).