Version-based Ignore Transformation

Extension: revapi.semver.ignore

Using this extension one can automatically ignore API changes that are allowed for a given version delta based on the rules of semantic versioning (

Sample Configuration

    "extension": "revapi.semver.ignore",
    "configuration": {
      "enabled" : true,
      "versionIncreaseAllows" : {
        "major" : "breaking",
        "minor" : "nonBreaking",
        "patch" : "equivalent"
      "passThroughDifferences": ["java.class.nonPublicPartOfAPI"]



If true, the transformation is in effect and ignores API differences according to the version delta. If false, which is the default, the transformation does nothing.


Overrides the allowed severity of changes allowed at the certain version number increase. The defaults are based on the semver versioning which allows breaking API changes on major release, non-breaking API changes on minor release and no API changes on patch release or if the major version is 0, breaking changes on minor release and non-breaking changes on patch release.

The allowed properties in this map are: major, minor and patch indicating the component of the version string being changed and the allowed values are breaking, potentiallyBreaking, nonBreaking, equivalent and none indicating the severity of the API changes allowed for given version number change.

If some of the properties (major, minor, patch) are not specified, they assume the default values as outlined in the above sample configuration.


A list of differences (empty by default) that should not be "silenced" by the semver ignore even if they should be according to the semver rules. This can be used for differences that you really want to pay attention to regardless of the version change.

For example java.class.nonPublicPartOfAPI difference signifies a semantic error where you expose a non-public class as part of your API. This means that the callers of your API won’t be able to access the class or pass it to the methods in the API that require it. This is a serious enough error that you usually don’t want to ignore it.

Implementation Note

This extension requires that the archives supplied to the analysis implement the Archive.Versioned interface. This is true for archives used when analyzing using the Revapi maven plugin but if Revapi is used in the standalone mode or in some embedded situation this might not be the case.

It is the responsibility of the caller of Revapi to supply the correct archive implementations, because Revapi in and on itself doesn’t know how to extract a version from an archive.

It should be possible to implement a helper and/or a specialized archive decorating implementation that would read the version from the jar manifest for example, but that work hasn’t been done yet.